Plantation Shutters Start Here

Here is a pic of Plantation Shutters with Louvered Arches

3 1/2" Louvers, Tilt Rods, 3 Sided Frames

At your home we'll discuss each window and how your shutters will work.

We'll look at pictures and samples.

When we have the design figured out , I'll measure the windows...

Next, we'll approve the drawings...

Before you know it, the final product is installed… It's easy with a little help from a professional :)

Sliding Glass Patio Doors? No Problem! 

This style sliding door shutter is called a by-pass shutter. It's the perfect solution to sliding glass patio doors. They're popular and hold up very well to everyday use.

Big Sliding Glass Door Shutter BEFORE

Big Wooden Shutter on Slider AFTER

Notice the Decorative Valance...

You can also choose the Standard Valance

Pictured left is the U-Shape guide that runs along the bottom of the door panel. The guide is attached to the bottom of the door panel so there is nothing attached to the floor. Works very well. 

And, we do French Doors!

In your home we'll pick out colors, sizes, and FRAMES.

There are a number of frame styles to choose from. 

This is a four sided frame, 3 1/2" louvers, tilt rods and no divider rails.

Plantation Shutters come in whites and wood stains. We even do custom colors. It's best to see the samples in the home where we can design the shutter to the window.

Pictured above is a set of Bi-fold shutters with a 3 Sided Frame,

notice the Tilt Rods and Divider Rails half way up.

Similar below but 4 sided and in a stained wood.

Stained Wood Shutters, 4 Sided Frame, Bi-folds,

Tilt Rods, and Divider Rails halfway up.

Remember, when you make an appointment

all decision makers need to be present to help design the windows!

Here is a set of faux wood plantation shutters, 3 1/2" louvers, 3 sided frames and HIDDEN TILT RODS.

Louvered Arch Plantation Shutter over a Doorway. 

White Wood Plantation Shutters with NO DIVIDER RAILS

Interior Wood Shutters with Arches above and matching Rectangles below.

Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Big Bay Window Shutter BEFORE

Big Bay Window Shutter AFTER

Small Bay Window Shutter Drawing

Turned out perfectly - 

Shouldered Arch Shutter Drawing

Shouldered Arch Shutter AFTER

Ugly Window Sils?

Here's a very easy fix… when doing shutters also do the Sil Cap!

Wooden Shutter Designer Sil Caps!

Shutter Louver Size - It's about the VIEW!

The Plantation Shutter Louver Size doesn't change the pricing,

but it does change the VIEW!

3 1/2" on the left vs. 2 1/2" on the right. 

A Plantation Shutter is generally thought to be 3 1/2" Louvers

4 1/2" is available as is 1 7/8"